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From Charity Miles Member, Mark Reisman.

When I commute to work on a bike, the endorphins released from riding make me feel fantastic and accomplished! I compare that to the cortisol released from driving to work in traffic and the contrast is striking.

I live in Dallas, which does not have a robust cycling infrastructure. We are often riding on streets, where we are just a car door or a distracted driver away from a life-changing event. The fact is, although 50% of spinal cord injuries are due to road accidents, they really can happen to anyone whether it’s a kid walking to school or a mother giving birth.

That's why, On May 7, 2017, I am participating in the Endurance Alliance's Wings for Life World Run, which strives to find a cure for spinal cord injury, and to unite the world by having participants run at the same moment – 6:00 am for us in the Central Standard Time Zone. Whether you live locally or beyond, come and run with us!

What's great about the Charity Miles app is you get to do double duty! We will be encouraging everyone joining us in Dallas for the social run to simultaneously use the Charity Miles app, so every mile will count double! Ride safely and stay alert.

Mark Reisman

Endurance Alliance, Owner

DFW Tri Club, Owner

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