Trelleborg uses Charity Miles to meet outreach and wellness goals

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It’s a way to get people moving, focus on wellness, and to reach out and do something good.”

– Danielle Russomanno

“Sustainability outreach and volunteering is one of the goals for our business,” says Danielle Russomanno, an HR director for one of Trelleborg’s California locations.

Trelleborg, a world leader in engineered polymer solutions, has been focusing on both community outreach and health and wellness. Charity Miles was an easy way for them to meet both those goals.

“It’s a way to get people moving, focus on wellness, and reach out and do something good,” says Danielle, who has been championing the program at Trelleborg. “We’re always trying to find ways to show our employees that we mean what we say about inclusivity, diversity, and community outreach.”

Trelleborg’s Charity Miles program extends throughout their United States locations, with some international employees also joining in. Each quarter, employees walk, run, or bike to raise money toward a quarterly goal.

For their first quarter with Charity Miles, the Trelleborg team raised an amazing $3,000 for charity. They hope to more than double that in the next quarters.

Danielle appreciates that Charity Miles lets employees “pick their own charity to support, one that matters to them,” she says. For the first quarter, employees chose 51 different charities to raise money for.

“Charity Miles is a fun way to get moving while also doing something good that resonates with individuals and shows them the company cares,” says Danielle.

Congrats to the Trelleborg team for all you’ve done so far! We can’t wait to see what else you accomplish. #everymilematters

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