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Susan Greeley: How To Stick With Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy 2024, everyone!

In this episode, we're thrilled to walk with Susan Greeley, SVP and National Director of Wellness Services for Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, one of the newest partners in our Employee Empowerment Program.

Susan is also a registered dietician, cookbook author and the host of her own podcast, A SENSe of Wellness.  So we recorded this as a doubler that Susan will be releasing on her podcast too 🙂

Susan lives near me in New Jersey, so we were able to meet up for a walk in a park near my home.  It was a beautiful, chilly day before Christmas.  And since we were in the holiday and new year spirit, our conversation weaves through several themes that can help us all stick with our 2024 resolutions.

Hint: make them easy and fun. And don't go it alone.

Here's a quick rundown with timestamps:

  • 00:05 Introduction and Welcoming
  • 02:23 Susan's Background
  • 04:02 Susan's Cookbook and Approach to Wellness
  • 05:13 The Importance of Support and Community in Wellness
  • 05:48 Gene's Background and the Founding of Charity Miles
  • 07:13 The Impact of Charity Miles and the Importance of Community
  • 10:10 Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes
  • 15:26 The Role of External Support in Behavior Change
  • 16:58 The Importance of Community and Positive Surroundings
  • 28:11 The Impact of Charity Miles Beyond Fundraising
  • 33:32 The Power of Intrinsic Rewards
  • 36:11 The Role of Feeling Good in Behavior Change
  • 37:21 The Problem with Wellness Challenges
  • 39:52 The Importance of Consistency
  • 40:13 The Power of Tiny Habits
  • 53:36 The Role of Fun and Laughter
  • 55:18 The Importance of Sleep, Hydration, and Outdoor Activities
  • 56:37 The Power of Community

Huge thanks to Susan for walking with me and sharing so much with us to kick the new year off strong!


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