How SunFire Exercises its Values for Employee Engagement, Wellbeing, Social Responsibility and Seniors

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Empowering Wellbeing and Serving Seniors Through Every Step

Today, we shine a spotlight on SunFire's journey and impact with the Charity Miles Employee Empowerment Program, a testament to their values, culture and dedication to enhancing the lives of seniors.

A Mission in Motion

At SunFire, the core mission is clear: to elevate and enhance the lives of seniors. This mission is supported by a set of values that guide their actions daily—authenticity, making a difference, trust, embracing change, communication, and collaboration. It's a mission that Jenna Amster, Chief Operating Officer, and the SunFire team live by, not just in words but in action.

Employee Wellbeing, Employee Engagement and Philanthropy: A No-Brainer

The decision to join the Charity Miles Employee Empowerment Program was, as Jenna describes, “a no-brainer.” For a fully remote company like SunFire, finding innovative ways to unify and connect their workforce is paramount. Charity Miles offered more than just a platform for connection; it provided a pathway to prioritize health, wellness, and philanthropy, aligning perfectly with SunFire's long-term vision.

Shared Commitment to Employee Wellbeing and Seniors

Supporting Meals on Wheels America through the program was an intuitive choice for SunFire. The alignment of missions between SunFire and Meals on Wheels America underscores a shared commitment to the wellbeing of seniors, making every mile walked, run, or biked doubly impactful.

The Impact: Beyond Numbers

Since their journey began with Charity Miles in 2022, SunFire's team has collectively covered an impressive 70,680 miles, translating into $75,228.11 raised for charity. But the impact of their participation extends far beyond these numbers. It's seen in the enhanced social connections among remote employees, the increased focus on health and wellness, and the joy of contributing to a cause that resonates deeply with their mission.

Camaraderie and Culture

The Charity Miles Employee Empowerment Program has become a cornerstone of SunFire's company culture, fostering a sense of camaraderie and competition that keeps everyone motivated. The program's ease of use is often highlighted by team members—it seamlessly integrates into daily life, encouraging everyone to stay active and engaged.

Milestones and Most Improved

One of SunFire's most enthusiastic campaigns was  the “Most Improved” award, celebrating the individual with the greatest increase in miles logged. This year, the winner was Allen Stone who won an additional $1,500 donation for the charity of his choice.

Allen chose to dedicate his donation to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life program, which he has been walking in for over 10 years, more recently in memory of his father.

Looking Ahead

As SunFire looks to the future, Charity Miles continues to be an integral part of their culture, a reflection of their dedication to health, community, and making a difference—one that they are proud to continue.

Big thanks to SunFire for the opportunity to make an impact together, be a part of their community, and being an enthusiastic part of our community too!

Join the Movement

We invite you to learn more about the Charity Miles Employee Empowerment Program and how your organization can join this movement of meaningful change. Together, we can make every mile matter.

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