Sumitomo Rubber North America: On The Road to Employee Wellness and Charitable Giving

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Today we celebrate our partners at Sumitomo Rubber North America.

Led by Max Willingham, the Community Service and Philanthropy Team Lead, SRNA's engagement in Charity Miles showcases their dedication to not just making the journey on the road safer and more enjoyable, but also to fostering a culture of health, wellness, and community support within their workforce.

Sumitomo's Mission on the Move

Sumitomo Rubber North America, a leader in the tire manufacturing industry, is known for designing, building, and distributing tires that connect vehicles to the road with unmatched safety and confidence. 

SRNA is also committed to ensuring that their employees feel connected, not just to the road, but to the community and causes they care deeply about. 

One of the main ways they exercise this commitment is through their enthusiastic participation in the Charity Miles program, aligning perfectly with their long-term vision of employee pride and social responsibility.


On The Road To Wellbeing and Social Responsibility

For SRNA, the decision to join Charity Miles was propelled by the desire to forge mutually beneficial partnerships that resonate with their organizational ethos. 

The program has become a platform for employees to band together, enhancing their health and wellness while supporting a variety of charitable causes. 

This past year alone, SRNA's team supported an impressive 38 different charities, demonstrating the diverse interests and passions within their team.


More Than Just Miles: Impact, Engagement and Camaraderie

SRNA’s team covered 11,181 miles and raised $9,373.09 raised for charity.  But their impact extends even beyond that.

Their team has fostered a sense of camaraderie and community within the company, with employees from various departments and locations coming together for a common purpose. 

From competitive challenges to individual achievements, like Jack Patterson's remarkable 472 miles walked and $469 raised, the program has become a cornerstone of SRNA's community and philanthropy efforts.


Looking Ahead

As SRNA looks to the future, plans are already underway to not only continue but to expand their involvement. This ongoing dedication is a testament to the program's success in fostering employee wellness, engagement, and the broader impact on the community and charitable causes.

Huge thanks to SRNA for showing how, when a company and its employees come together, the road ahead is not just about where we're going, but about the lives we touch and the difference we make along the way.

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