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Sarah Hartman, Executive Director of the Ironman Foundation: Anything is Possible!

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Two weeks ago, we had the honor of joining Sarah Hartman, Executive Director of the Ironman Foundation at the finish line of Ironman Boulder, from 10 PM to midnight, cheering on the day's final finishers. If you're looking for some motivation, something to pump you up on your next long run, this podcast is for you!

For those of you who don't know, an Ironman is a 140.6-mile triathlon consisting of (1) a 2.4-mile open-water swim; (2) a 112-mile bike; and then (3) a full 26.2-mile marathon. Though I've done six of them, it still seems impossible as I type this.

But as you'll hear in this podcast, anything is possible!

In this podcast, you'll hear how Ironman and the IMF are changing lives and communities around the world. You'll also get to meet two Ironman legends, Scott Rigsby (the first double leg amputee to finish Kona), and Dave Orlowski (who finished in 3rd place in the very first Ironman, 40 years ago in Honolulu, Hawaii).

My interview with Sarah takes about 25 minutes.  But then I just left my recorder running as she and I stay in the finisher's chute for over an hour until the last finishers cross the line. And that's where the real magic happens!

If you ever have the opportunity to attend an Ironman, go to the finish line from 10 to midnight.  It's one of the greatest things you will ever witness or participate in.  Whereas the race winners finished nearly eight hours earlier, the people finishing in these hours have been out there all day, since six in the morning.

Some of these athletes are in their 20s.  Some are in their 70's.  Some are finishing in their projected times. Others may have hoped to finish sooner but had a rough day.  (It was hot and windy!)  But in all cases, these athletes have just written an epic story for themselves.

This podcast will PUMP YOU UP! You will feel the music. You will feel the crowd. You'll hear legendary Mike Reilly announcing every finisher as they cross the finish line: YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!

Here's a rough outline to guide you through the podcast:

  • Interview with Sarah Hartman, Executive Director of the Ironman Foundation.
  • Special appearance by Scott Rigsby.
  • A short interlude, as Sarah and I head into the finisher's chute to cheer on the finishers.
  • Interview with Dave Orlowski in the finisher's chute.  (Amazing!!)
  • Cheering on all the finishers, with the final official finisher coming in a mad dash to cross the line one second before the cutoff! EPIC!!
  • Imagine: as even a few more racers finishing after the official time cutoff. (They're each still an Ironman in my book!)

Huge thanks to Sarah and the Ironman Foundation for inviting me to share this experience with them. This was so much fun! #AnyThingIsPossible #EveryMileMatters!

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