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Sam Thierry

This edition of our Member Spotlight features Charity Miles member Sam Thierry! Sam, a registered dietician, is currently training for the Chicago Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. Check it out!

“I am originally from O’Fallon, Missouri, and have spent most my life in Missouri, but have recently moved to Illinois. I am a registered dietitian with a background in sports nutrition. I work as a dietitian health coach for employees and spouses at the hospital in town.”

Reflecting on her childhood, Sam stated “I was the kid that loved when the physical fitness tests rolled around in elementary and middle school because that meant running. When we had the mile test in middle school, I asked to redo it each class to try and get a better time. Everyone else would be inside playing games and I was out on the track getting timed. From there my teacher recommended cross country to me for high school and I joined. I wanted to quit after my first few days, but my mom encouraged me to finish the week. I loved it and have been running ever since.”

A typical workout for Sam varies, depending on if she is in training for an upcoming race or not. “I love to just go out and run without a pace or distance in mind. Right now I am currently training for a half marathon so it’s a bit more structured. If I wasn’t training then a typical run for me would be to the park nearby, grab a drink and run around the pond then back home. Just nice, easy, and casual.”Sam Thierry

“Running keeps me sane. Honestly, I get a little stir-crazy if I have taken a break from running for too long. I like to say it gives more than it takes. Plus, I have met so many great people through running!”

While Sam had initially hoped to break the 1:45 mark in her upcoming race, a nagging knee injury has forced her to change her goal just a bit. “Now I would love to just break 2 hours. I’m trying to be realistic after coming off of a knee injury from my last half marathon in October.”

Sam was first introduced to Charity Miles several years ago, but she began to use the app over the last several months. “Being able to connect Strava and import my runs from my Garmin has made it so user-friendly for me to support charities I care about!” In regard to Charity, Sam typically supports Girls on the Run, an organization focused on teaching life skills to teenage girls through fitness-oriented games. “I love that my running matters and is making a difference and that is why I choose Charity Miles. I want my miles to count not only for me but for others.”

She has been documenting her running journey on social media over the last several years, inspiring thousands along the way. “I was diagnosed with bilateral compartment syndrome in my legs in 2009. Since then I have been documenting my running journey through different platforms, starting with blogging.”

Sam Thierry

Sam eventually turned to Instagram as a platform to interact with many in the running community. “It only made sense that when I got an Instagram that it would document my running as well as other life happenings. I have always loved connecting with others through my personal journey of running and my life with college and career, so I was already into the blogging scene. I try to keep up with social media outlets that have ease of access. Instagram was a great outlet to highlight moments and has grown into my strongest social media outlet to date.”

You can keep up with Sam on her Instagram page @samthierry. Sam, good luck with your upcoming half marathon! We at Charity Miles wish you nothing but good health going forward!

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