Practice Radical Empathy with Kyrsten Simena, U.S. Congresswoman, Ironman, and Ultramarathoner

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This episode is a long run, 8 miles with U.S. Congresswoman, Kyrsten Sinema.  I recorded this interview back in January, just two days after Donald Trump\'s inauguration.  I actually never intended to release it.  Kyrsten is a good friend and was visiting New York.  And I just wanted to test out my new podcast recorder and practice interviewing someone.

But I think our conversation is very timely for what\'s going on in our country right now.  Kyrsten, a Democratic Congresswoman, has been elected three times in a red-leaning district in a red state, Arizona. She has a lot to share with us about practicing empathy and what she calls “radical acceptance”.

Thanks to Kyrsten for allowing me to release this rehearsal episode.  More to come in the show notes later 🙂

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