Podcast PODium (8/17): Weekly podcast recommendations that will inspire you to go the Extra Mile!

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Who says you need to be sitting on a couch, watching TV to be entertained? Listen to a podcast while you walk or run some Charity Miles!

Here are our top three podcast recommendations of the week (8/17) that will inspire you to go the Extra Mile:

#1:  Big Questions with Cal Fussman – Building grit and perseverance with Spartan Race Founder, Joe De Sena, and Lil Misty Diaz, an obstacle course racer with Spina Bifida who is coaching Cal as he trains for his next Spartan race. This podcast will FIRE YOU UP! Get it on iTunes or Android.

# 2:  Rich Roll – Interview with Adam Braun, founder of Pencils of Promise on lightning moments, reimagining education, and blazing a life of purpose. Get it on iTunes or Android.

#3:  The Forward – Lance Armstrong interviews Malcolm Gladwell.  Love him or hate him, Lance Armstrong has a very interesting podcast where he explores a variety of issues with lots of interesting people. Get it on iTunes or Android.

P.S. We hope you'll also check out our podcast, The Extra Mile, where Gene interviews amazing people who are going the extra mile in life.  All podcasts are done on a walk or run, and we hope you'll walk or run along with us.

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