Nir Eyal: How to Hack Back Your Attention and Be Indestructible

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Nir Eyal

This week's episode of The Extra Mile is with the author, past guest, and my friend, Nir Eyal.

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Nir is a behavioral designer and author who writes about the intersection of psychology and technology. He's also my semi-weekly running buddy.

Nir's first book, Hooked, outlines a blueprint for product designers (like me) to help us make our apps and products habit-forming.

The principles discussed in Hooked are why so many of us feel perpetually distracted by our technology.

So this week, Nir released his second book, Indistractable, to help us all take control and hack back our attention.


It was just released on Tuesday and it's already at #55 on Amazon! (It just passed Elmo's P is for Potty, which is another important book in my house these days, lol.)

Nir dives deep into the psychology and root causes behind the things that distract us. I'll give you a hint– it's not the pings, dings, and notifications on our phones.

It turns out that it's not our technology that's distracting us. It's our own internal feelings of pain and discomfort– the normal human condition– that our technology is tapping into.

Therefore, the answer isn't to turn off our tech and become Luddites. The answer is to exercise more control of our time and find better ways to cope with the boredom, anxiety, fear, pain, and other discomfort that are all part of being human.

So, if you're feeling distracted by your phone (or anything else), if you want to regain control of your technology and attention, click here to become Indestructible.

Huge congrats to Nir on this great accomplishment. And a huge thanks for sharing a sneak peek with all of us on the podcast.

Also big thanks to our partners at AfterShokz who make this podcast, and everything we do at Charity Miles possible!

If you're listening to this podcast while walking or running, I hope you're wearing their open-ear bone conduction headphones. 

Not only do they enable you to listen to your podcasts and music safely, but since they don't go in your ear, they are the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned– and they never fall out!

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