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National Park Centennial Challenge Presented by Humana: HUGE Announcement!

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We’re thrilled to see that thousands of you have joined us in participating in the National Park Centennial Challenge Presented by Humana and logging your charity miles for the National Park Foundation! Given the overwhelming support demonstrated by the Charity Miles community, our sponsor Humana has decided to raise the stakes with an even more exciting challenge.

Next week officially marks the centennial of the National Park Service and to celebrate, Humana has challenged the community to log 100,000 Charity Miles in ONE WEEK! (8/20-8/27) Every time you log Charity Miles sponsored by Humana (regardless of the charity you log them for) Humana will donate an additional 25 cents per mile to the National Park Foundation! What does that mean? That means you have the opportunity to raise an additional $25,000 for the National Park Foundation in ONE WEEK! 

What an amazing 100th birthday present for the National Park Service, but we won’t be able to do it without YOU! If anyone is up to the challenge, it is the Charity Miles community! So whether you run, walk, bike, skip, dance, or hike, get out there and log those Charity Miles! Be sure to thank your sponsor Humana! #StartWithHealthy #FindYourPark

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