ManpowerGroup employees move 23,000 miles for charity

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“It’s been an amazing opportunity for ManpowerGroup to engage staff where they are and help them maintain healthy habits.”

– Nafessa Burdine

When Nafessa was looking for a way to get more staff involved in the community and away from their computers, she asked the organization to brainstorm ideas for new projects. The sales team suggested that Charity Miles would be a great fit for them.

“I said to myself, not only is this a good fit for the sales team, but it could be a really good program for us across North America,” says Nafessa.

ManpowerGroup’s team leaders loved the idea. “The benefits team was blown away with how this could serve dual purposes, not just from an employee engagement and charitable perspective, but also from benefits and health perspective,” says Nafessa.

Before the pandemic, a lot of ManpowerGroup Foundation’s work was in Wisconsin where they’re headquartered. Nafessa appreciated that with a virtual model, “we can get our field staff involved in initiatives that are local to their homes and we can provide widespread opportunities for individuals in different areas, different markets, different states.”

They kicked off their Charity Miles program in February with a challenge to do 50 miles and focused on getting people involved in the app and educating them on how to use it.

In the first two months, the ManpowerGroup team moved an amazing 23,000 miles. Each employee chose their own charity to support, selecting United Way, Alzheimer’s Association, the American Diabetes Association, and many more.

“It’s been an amazing opportunity for ManpowerGroup to engage staff where they are and help them maintain healthy habits,” says Nafessa.

Nafessa most appreciates the inclusion aspect of the program. She sits on several boards and committees working with individuals with disabilities, and she loves that Charity Miles counts miles moved in wheelchairs, adapted bikes, and more. “It hit home for us that it creates an inclusive volunteer opportunity for all,” says Nafessa.

Employees are telling Nafessa how positive the experience has been for them.

“I walk every day anyway and wanted to make my miles go to something good,” says one employee. Another adds, “I love walking and giving back, so it made sense to connect the two.”

“I’m feeling incredibly energetic,” a third employee shares.

“Due to covid, my other volunteer activities are unavailable,” says another. “I need to get this body moving!”

Nafessa and the team are thrilled to be able to “do something for a charity we’re choosing while staying healthy, getting away from our computers, and keeping active,” she says.

“As we look at community impact as a whole, our goal is to take community impact everywhere, touch everyone, and engage employees where they are,” says Nafessa. “That’s the reason we’re on Charity Miles.”

We’re thrilled to be helping the ManpowerGroup team accomplish all that! Keep up the amazing work. #EveryMileMatters

How Manpower employees feel about Charity Miles
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