Beyond a Step Challenge: How Moody’s Activates an Inclusive Culture to Support Veterans, Enhance Wellbeing, and Cultivate Corporate Social Responsibility

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Supporting Veterans, Encouraging Employee Wellbeing and Fostering Inclusive Culture

Today, we celebrate our partners at Moody's for their remarkable commitment to supporting the veterans' community, encouraging employee wellbeing and fostering an inclusive culture.

We're grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the Moody’s Veterans Business Resource Group (BRG) as they walk, run, bike, and more to support various veterans' causes.

Many members of the Veterans BRG are veterans themselves or have close familial ties to the military. However, the group also includes members without direct military connections, which was a key factor in Lisa Cook, Marine Corps veteran and Co-chair of the Veterans BRG, choosing Charity Miles.

“I wanted a program that would bring all of our members, veterans and non-veterans alike, together while promoting wellness and building connection,” Lisa explains.

Veterans BRG walk dog
Veterans BRG walk

Valuing Diversity and Inclusivity

Ryan Galloway, a colleague from Charlotte, values the diversity and inclusivity of the team:

“Though I am not a veteran, I married into a heavily military family. My father-in-law retired from the Army Rangers, and I have a sister-in-law who was just commissioned as an officer in the Army and is deciding her future career path. I enjoy seeing various employees within our organization coming together for a cause. Opening the app and seeing my People Business Partner in charge of recruiting and my CTO both in the challenge with me offers a different topic to discuss during our meetings… other than just everyday business. It's another avenue to form deeper relationships.”

Brandan Corley, a Sales Representative from New York City, echoes this sentiment. “I never served but have many family members and friends who have,” he says. “I have great respect, appreciation, and admiration for those who serve our country. I love participating in activities that fundraise while also making me a better and stronger person.”

Bobbi Lynn Jones
Tom Bellinger

Shared Commitment to Veterans Charities and Employee Wellbeing

So far, the team has completed over 100,000 Charity Miles and raised over $37,000 for veterans' causes, including the Wounded Warrior Project and America's VetDogs.

Sean Holmes, a Software Engineer, reflects on this achievement:

“Participating in the Veterans BRG Charity Miles program has been a great way to support meaningful charitable causes, connect with colleagues, and enhance our health! I am grateful for the chance to collaborate with so many inspiring Moody's employees from diverse geographical backgrounds. As our contributions continue to accumulate, my appreciation for our shared commitment to wellness grows. Engaging in this activity has been both physically invigorating and mentally stimulating. Our team consistently raises the bar every month, and I thank them for motivating me every time I open the app.”

Looking ahead, the team plans more in-person meetups and partnerships with charity leaders. This evolution promises to strengthen their impact and deepen the bonds within their community.

The journey of Moody's Veterans BRG with Charity Miles is a testament to the power of collective effort. Their story is not just about the miles covered or the funds raised; it's about the connections made and the shared commitment to making a difference.

If you're interested in learning more about how our Employee Empowerment Program can help you foster an inclusive culture that values wellbeing and giving back, please click here.

Congratulations to Lisa Cook and the entire Veterans BRG team for their inspiring work. #EveryMileMatters

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