LuxGive connects remote employees with a charity challenge

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As a remote company, LuxGive makes a point of creating ways for team members to engage with each other. “Because we’re remote, it’s really important for us to create ways to connect outside of just collaborating on work,” says Alondra Blick, content manager. Since LuxGive works with nonprofits to help maximize fundraising revenue, philanthropy and giving back are also important parts of the company culture. “It’s central to our mission, and something we want to foster within the company itself,” Alondra adds. Charity Miles was a perfect way to bring remote teammates together for a philanthropic cause. For their first Charity Miles challenge, the team voted to support Charity Water. “We chose several charities that encompassed missions we felt aligned with the company, and decided to vote,” says Alondra. “We were all passionate about the mission of providing clean and safe drinking water to people worldwide. It’s something everybody can get behind.” For September, the team walked, ran, and cycled to reach their goal of raising $1000 for Charity Water. People did everything from hikes in the Alps to walking their dogs after work. To connect the team, Alondra encouraged everyone to share photos. “I love that the walking and running I do normally can now contribute to some fantastic causes,” says Emma, a LuxGive employee. “Charity Miles motivated me to walk/run for longer and do extra. The camaraderie between the team borne from the Charity Miles campaign was a bonus!” “Participating in our Charity Miles campaign brought me ​so much ​joy,” adds Elizabeth, another team member. “First, it challenged me to get up and move! I became so much more attuned to my ​activity (or lack thereof) daily. It made a difference in my day-to-day. Second, ​it acted as a wonderful team-building exercise that sparked friendly competition and motivation among the LuxGive team. It was great to see us outdo one another. Finally, meeting our target meant everything! Helping to provide clean, safe drinking water to vulnerable communities around the world is really what this was all about – and we accomplished it.” Shane and her dog also loved the challenge. “I usually run and walk my dog Malika daily, though CharityMiles helped me get in better shape and move and cover more distance than usual – Malika also loved all the extra outdoor time!” says Shane. “I have never felt more motivated to run and walk knowing that each mile I\'m helping to support these fantastic and great causes.” The challenge culminated in LuxGive’s first company-wide meetup, in Quebec City at the end of September. The whole team did a walk together to close the challenge and celebrate reaching their $1000 goal. “To be able to celebrate that in person and bring everyone together was a nice symbolic closure to the event,” says Alondra. Congrats to the whole LuxGive team! #EveryMileMatters
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