Luis Escobar: That’ll Get You Moving!

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Team, for the final interview of my journey to the Spartan World Championships #Podfest, I was fortuitously introduced to Luis Escobar.

Luis Escobar is a photographer, race director, and high school cross-country coach.  He is perhaps most known for his All We Do Is Run race series in California, and his photos of the Tarahumara that he took when accompanying Chris McDougal to the Copper Canyon when McDougal wrote the book, Born To Run.  To this day, if you search for photos of the Tarahumara on Google, many of those images are Luis' photos.

Luis is friends with two of our past guests on the podcast, Miguel Lara and Scott Jurek, and an accomplished ultrarunner himself.  He's a supporter of our friends at Back on My Feet.  He also started an internet sensation when he uploaded a Facebook video of his cross-country team running with shelter dogs– the video went viral, getting millions of views and inspiring many other schools to do the same.

Meeting Luis was a highlight of my trip. I'm truly grateful that he took the time to walk with me.   And I'm grateful for our new friendship. Every Mile Matters!

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