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Live From New York: The NYC Marathon Expo!

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This past weekend was my favorite weekend of the year, the New York City Marathon.
So, today’s episode takes place at the Marathon Expo where I got to hang out with some old friends, some new friends, and a lot of Charity Milers.
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We get to hear from the Izzo Brothers who were busy running 123.8 miles on treadmills before running the full 26.2 miles in the marathon– for a full 150 miles!
We get to meet Paula Radcliffe, three-time winner of the NYC Marathon, three-time winner of the London Marathon, former marathon world record holder, and so much more. A true legend in the sport.
We get to meet new friends like Maurice, who had 26.2 shaved into his beard and was radiating such incredible energy that I had to stop and meet him.
And we get to meet many Charity Milers, from all over the world, who have done thousands of Charity Miles each.  Their dedication and personal stories are truly moving– and paint a beautiful picture of what Charity Miles (and the NYC Marathon) are all about.
Thanks to everyone who joined me on the podcast. And thanks to everyone who shared in the spirit of the day with us.

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