Laura Putnam – How To Foster a Culture of Wellbeing

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Laura Putnam is a global wellbeing activator, author of the bestselling book Workplace Wellness that Works, and CEO and Founder of Motion Infusion, a leading wellbeing provider. 

She is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and has worked with a wide range of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, academic institutions, and nonprofits.

Laura has trained over 40,000 managers and leaders on how to lead wellbeing from the inside-out and outside-in to truly champion wellbeing that works for all.

I recently met Laura at the First Coast Worksite Wellness Council's conference in Jacksonville, Florida where she was the keynote speaker. (Shoutout to FCWCC for including us!)

After hearing her keynote, I knew we had to get her on the podcast– not just for our members and partners in our Employee Empowerment Program, but for all our members, most of whom work at companies in one way or another, and in their own capacity have the power to foster a culture of wellbeing.

In this interview, we dive deep into the importance of workplace wellness and how it ties into building high-performing teams.

Laura shares insights on the challenges companies face with wellness programs and provides practical strategies for creating a culture that supports wellbeing. 

She discusses the significance of team leaders in fostering a healthy work environment and offer tips for both organizational and individual improvements in workplace wellness.

Whether you're an HR leader, a manager, or an employee, this episode provides valuable advice on enhancing wellbeing in the workplace.

Big thanks to Laura for sharing so much with us!

Here are some helpful timestamps:

00:00 Introduction and Welcome
02:35 Meet Laura Putnam
06:42 Laura's Journey and Mission
09:45 The Importance of Workplace Wellness
11:37 Challenges and Solutions in Wellness Programs
17:55 Role of Managers in Promoting Wellbeing
22:06 Creating a Culture of Wellbeing
30:26 Practical Tips for Managers
39:47 Conclusion and Contact Information
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