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Lacey Henderson

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At 9 years old Lacey's leg was amputated above the knee due to a rare soft-tissue tumor that threatened her life.

It did not slow her down one bit.

She continued to play soccer as a child, was a cheerleader in college, and now competes for the US Paralympics Team in the long jump.

Lacey's incredible strength, both physical and mental, is evident, as is her sense of humor.

Lacey is surely an inspiration. But she doesn't think of herself that way.
Like any other athlete, Lacey is out to compete, not inspire.

In the Paralympics, she says, we're all “inspiring”. It's not like the “most inspiring” person wins. Whoever jumps the farthest wins.

Lacey's candid perspective is refreshing and, ironically, inspiring in itself.

Please come along for the walk or run with us this weekend. And please share it with someone special.

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