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Member Spotlight: Kim Nagy

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Kim Nagy

This edition of our Member Spotlight features Charity Miles member Kim Nagy! Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Kim has had a big year, reaching each of her fitness goals, while overcoming a multitude of health challenges along the way. What better way to bring in the new year than to spotlight a Charity Miles Champion who made big strides in 2018?

“I’m a Business Specialist and on the weekends I’m a Sunday School teacher. And always a mom to three beautiful girls. I have a laundry list of ailments- asthma, fibromyalgia, arthritis in my back, etc… Though I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 10 years ago, 2017 was an especially painful year for me and that was evident in my lack of physical activity. I only logged 47 miles of walking for the entire year.”

2018 saw Kim turn over a new leaf, setting ambitious fitness goals for the coming year. “This year I simply decided to push through. I made some dietary changes that transformed the way my body felt. I have lost 22 pounds since. Over the summer I became hooked on physical activity and running. It started with running for 30 seconds one day, then running for 30 seconds a couple of times. While I can’t run straight for an hour (or even two minutes), I’ve made it to where I’m running at least half of it in intervals. I like to push myself now. It started with running 1 mile worth of a 5-mile workout, then I told myself I had no excuse not to do at least that, and it kept building. My sweet spot now is running 3.5 miles out of 5 and I try to cut seconds off here and there.”

Kim’s relationship with running has come a long way, evolving over time. “I was never able to complete “a mile run” in high school by actually running. Physically, my motto was always “I can’t”, and “never”. If there is ever a testimony of “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”, it’s me. I always joked that Michael Myers would catch me if he ever came after me because there is no way I would be able to run. Now, I crave it. I crave to see what else my body can do.”

“I aim to do 4-5 miles (running and walking combo) and 1000 steps on a StairMaster when I go to the gym. My goal is to make it there at least twice a week and not allow myself to think that I don’t have the time. I have an awesome co-worker who helps motivate me, and we try to do three sets of planks, squats, and an arm exercise every day at work.”

Her hard work paid off, as she achieved each of her fitness goals for the year. She logged her 1000th Charity Mile as well as beating her personal best of 247 miles in a year! She ultimately logged over 300 miles before the year’s end, with at least 150 miles logged while running!

In regard to Charity Miles, “I heard about it from a friend who knew I liked to do fundraisers for St. Jude's back in 2013 and has been using it ever since! It’s such an easy way to give back in conjunction with doing something you’d already be doing. It’s an automatic thing for me. I always associate working out with giving back now. I almost feel like I can’t work out unless I can ensure I get something logged into Charity Miles! You’ll read a little further down why I’m a bit more attached to the app/community as well. I always choose St. Jude’s. I’ve done a couple of fundraisers for them and the cause is so near and dear to my heart.”

Kim Nagy

When asked about her 2019 fitness goals, Kim responded, “I’m aiming for 365 miles-one mile to represent every day I’m blessed to have lived for the year.” Her other goals, fitness aside, include “Reading 8 books and sharing those with others. A few months ago I started something called #projectconnected in which I pass along books for others to read and ask them to continue to pass them along. I thought it would be a cool way to connect with others in spirit. I ask them to sign their names and perhaps share a message about the book before passing it along.”

“2018 was a year of smashing goals I never thought I could achieve. I’ve done more this year than almost my whole life put together with the exception of one year. I’m not getting younger, so it’s super cool to see what I can accomplish at my age. I’m so thankful for the app and the community. I’ve gone through some serious storms the last few years, and having my mind so invested in the app has encouraged me to get out there and move instead of sulking. I rely heavily on my faith, but sometimes the mind is a tricky thing and needs something tangible to control. Logging those miles and having my workouts and contributions being something that was fully in my control really helped ground me through some dark times.”

Congratulations on an incredible 2018 Kim, and we wish you the best in achieving your goals in the new year!

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