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This edition of our Member Spotlight features Charity Miles member Kerry Terrel! I had the chance to chat with the avid athlete about her post-retirement life, Charity Miles, and her recent return to fitness.

“We live in two cities as my husband is still working and I have been retired since 2010. We live in Richland, WA where he works and we have already bought our dream retirement beach house in Waldport, OR.  My heart and soul love the beach, but the desert of SE Washington has been part of my life since my husband and I moved there in 1985. My retirement hobby is photography and I am fortunate to have several friends that enjoy taking me to new places to capture with my camera.”

Competition has always been an important part of Kerry’s life. “I have competed in several different types of athletic endeavors and met my husband while I played competitive table tennis in the early 1980s. In my lifetime I have enjoyed a variety of sports both individual and team-oriented (softball, college field hockey, table tennis, and tennis).”

Kerry, like many, cannot run like she once did. “Since I can no longer run around like a kid, I walk and this has allowed me to avoid knee replacement surgery for 20 years thus far.” Channeling her inner athlete, Kerry recently finally make a change to her fitness routine. “Last year when I turned 55, I decided that I needed to make changes to regain my former physical fitness level. As a result of that decision, the best option for me was to walk much more than I had been. On January 1st, 2018 I made a goal to walk every day with purpose for at least 4 hours while logging at least 8 miles. Happily, this year I have met that goal with very few exceptions. This was followed by the goal of walking at least 8 million steps in 2018 and I’m on track to achieve that last goal before year-end.”

“I achieved my desired fitness level in about 4 months and have maintained it for the last 7 months. The bi-product of those two goals was achieving the magical figure of walking 10,000 miles within the Charity Miles app since joining in 2013.” What an incredible achievement!

As if she hadn’t completed enough in 2018, Kerry decided to enter into an official event earlier this year. “I competed in my first official “endurance run”, which was defined as a walking event for me. I chose the 6-hour timed event and walked 18.2 miles in 5 hours and 45 minutes. This was the furthest I have walked without stopping or being distracted by other activities.”

After completing her first endurance event, Kerry is eager for more. “It has led to a goal of increasing my mileage and time at next year's event. More importantly, I had fun with others and did not get injured.”

Kerry has been using the app regularly for the last 5 years. “2013 was when I first got into walking with purpose and I participated in a 16-week charitable walk-a-thon that required me to track mileage. I have used other apps such as MapMyWalk which worked to track how far I went but had no charitable impact. There is just something special about being able to “pay it forward” by simply moving my feet! Charity Miles is also a fantastic way for me to be held accountable to get my workout in because if I don't then it is there in black and white that I didn't make a difference on that day.”

Active in the outdoors, Kerry takes full advantage of Washington’s beauty. “My walks can be indoors, out on the beach, on forested trails, or while on a photography adventure.”

When asked about her charity of choice, Kerry responded “I have several that I rotate. Right now I am walking for Team Red, White & Blue as my birthday is on Veteran's Day and it seemed like a fitting way to make a difference this month” (we spoke in November).

“Life is great, and using the Charity Miles App has become an important part of my day!” Congratulations on the 10,000 miles Kerry and keep up the great work going in 2019!

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