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JP Morgan teams walk, run, and bike 2x around the world for charity

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“We sent regular and fun email updates to the global team on the competition and its participants.”

— Lysandre Bouvard

One of the things that Lysandre Bouvard, managing director of AM Global Alternatives at JP Morgan, likes most about Charity Miles is the way it allows everyone to participate in their own way.

This fall, JP Morgan’s AM Global Alternative team, and Private Bank Latin America (PB LatAm) team organized 14-day Charity Miles events that let each employee walk, run, or bike for charity in whatever way they preferred.


Federico de la Garza, on the PB LatAm Mexico team, pedaled 60 miles on a stationary bike while his foot was broken. 

Marcos de Villalobos and Diego Aguero on the Mexico team went on a run to fetch the team empanadas. 

Team members ran together in a group, or with their families, or with their dogs. The Brazil team even did a Soul Cycle session together.

On top of letting everyone choose their activity, Charity Miles made it easy for each participant to choose their own charity to support. Global Alternatives raised $46,000 for 57 different charities and PB LatAm raised $44,000 for over 60 charities. The Malala Fund, the Nature Conservancy, St. Jude’s, Every Mother Counts, and the World Food Programme were all popular choices.

The teams raised all that by moving an amazing 55,689 miles in total — twice the circumference of the globe.

Combined with the amount raised during the Global Alternatives team’s challenge last year, JP Morgan participants have raised an incredible $150,000 total for nonprofits.

Lysandre, who first brought Charity Miles to JP Morgan, is proud that the initiative had over 80% participation in both teams this year. He thinks the freedom to choose how to participate and which charity to support encouraged more people to get involved.

He also worked hard to make the challenge fun.

“We sent regular and fun email updates to the global team on the competition and its participants,” says Lysandre.

To keep up a fun competitive spirit and a sense of community, the organizers shared photos of participants, miles completed, and money raised. People who raised the most money also got trophies.

Lysandre hopes that the teams’ impact will inspire other JP Morgan teams to organize Charity Miles events. We couldn’t be happier to help such committed teams make a difference. Keep up the great work! #EveryMileMatters


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