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Johnny Waite: This is Sparta! (The Value of a Challenging Life.)

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Team, when I was in Squaw Valley for the Spartan World Championships, I had the pleasure of meeting Johnny Waite, a fixture of the Spartan Community.  Johnny’s official title is Quality Manager for Spartan Race.  But he's much more than that.

Starting out homeless in 2008, Johnny Waite emerged from adversity when he ran his first 5k and, in quick succession, his first marathon. He’s since gone on to finish many endurance events, including the Death Race.  And he has become a master at motivation, hypnosis, psychology, adversity, and raising his two children.

Johnny's obstacle-laden path has taught him the value of a challenging life and its ability to unleash positivity in the world. His mission is to compassionately dole out that same hardship to others so that they too may build up obstacle immunity.

I'm very grateful to have met Johnny– and very grateful that he took the time to walk and share his story with us.  I'm also very much looking forward to staying friends with Johnny.  Every Mile Matters!

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