How to Transform Your Company’s Culture

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Larry McAlister is a three-time Head of Human Resources and a natural-born leader in the HR space. (iTunesSpotify

Larry has been named one of the Top 50 Human Resources Professionals and is consistently sought after for his transformation and thought leadership in HR.

In our conversation, we explore the importance of well-being and mental fitness, how HR leaders can drive bottom-line ROI by fostering a culture of well-being, and the role of technology in creating a more people-centric approach to organizational culture.

We also discuss how everyone in an organization can be empowered to contribute to this culture, regardless of their seniority.

Larry's new book, “The Power to Transform: A Field Guide to Building a Human-Centered, Tech-Enabled Work Culture,” explores how your company transforms its culture with best HR practices and cutting-edge tech.

The book, which hasn't even been fully released yet, is already a #1 International Best Seller! 

Big thanks to Larry for sharing so much with us today.


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