How to Beat the Summer Heat

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The summer is heating up literally. Whether you are walking,
running or biking it is important to stay cool here are 5 tips to keep you cool
while you log miles for your favorite charity.

Wear wicking clothes


The proper attire is key to staying cool.
Opt for shorts and tank top of T-shirt. Pick pieces that are made of a
synthetic fabric.  For tops, we like
classics such as Nike’s Dri Fit technology, or Brooks Versatile line that is
made of an ultra-light knit 100% polyester. Shorts, are an entirely different beast.
Look for a short with a liner or compression short underneath. This will ensure
all of the “sensitive areas” stay dry and chaffing is minimized. Some of our
favorites are Oiselle Rogas for women or Saucony Infernos for men.

Bring Water


Bringing your phone, water, gels,
and anything else you could need, or want during a run can seem cumbersome, but
having water is crucial to staying cool. Your body stays cool by producing sweat;
sweat is made of salt and water. Your sweat can also become more salt
heavy resulting in chaffing. One of our favorite water bottles is by Amphipod. With Amphipod you can customize your own water system where
you can add a phone carrying case to any of their hydration systems/bottles.

Run in the morning


Try to find the times of day that are the
most cool or hit the treadmill. Make an effort to run, walk, and bike at these times. You will be
more comfortable and won’t make heat an excuse to miss workouts or exercising.

Wear a hat


Invest in a light weight breathable hat, to
keep the sun out of your eyes and keep you feeling cooler.  HEADSWEATS makes high performance hats of all
different styles, colors, and fabrics.

Cool down with a frozen towel


Not that kind of frozen! Take a small hand towel soak it in water and
freeze it before you go out the door. When you come back you will have a super
cool slightly frozen towel to give you immediate relief from the heat and

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