How (And Why) To Create Tiny Habits, With BJ Fogg

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If you're looking to create new (and healthy) habits, BJ Fogg is the guy you want to speak with.

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BJ is a behavior scientist that leads the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University.

His students have gone on to become some of the top innovators and venture capitalists in the world.  For example, they invent things that rhyme with “Shminstagram”.

In 2002, he published a book, Persuasive Technology, that is the cornerstone primer for anyone creating a product to influence behavior.

In 2007, he developed the “Fogg Behavior Model” which is a deceptively simple framework for analyzing and designing behavior.

In short, for a behavior to happen, you need three ingredients: motivation, ability, and a prompt, all coming together at the right moment.

Outside of his research, BJ has coached over 40,000 people on behavior design and habit formation.

His latest book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everythingis a New York Times Bestseller.

On a personal note, BJ has been a huge influence on me, both with respect to how I think about Charity Miles and in my own life.

With everyone thinking about their New Year's Resolutions, I could not think of a better guest to have on the podcast.

I am so honored that he took the time to share just a bit of his wisdom with us.

Thanks, BJ!

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