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Holiday Gift Guide

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This holiday season, instead of buying gifts for people, let's make investments in their health, minds, and spirits. What better way to show someone you care about them?

Here are our holiday gift/investment¬†recommendations…


Books are a great gift to show someone that you care about them. Check out our best book recommendations on Amazon. Also, if you like audiobooks as much as I do, click here for a free 30-day trial to Audible. You'll also get 2 free audiobooks, plus one audiobook every month.


Give the gift of music.¬†Get your first 3 months¬†of Amazon Music for just 99¬Ę.


Check out great deals from our partners at Brooks, Aftershokz, Garmin, Fitbit, GoPro, and Columbia.

Also check out our partners at CleverTraining for great deals on gear, running shoes, apparel, bike trainers, and more. Pretty much anything you'd want for running, biking, walking, triathlons, etc. (Use code CMCT10 at checkout to save even more!)


Aaptiv is my other favorite fitness app. You get amazing audio workouts that are just like being in one of the top fitness studios in NYC. They've got running workouts, HIIT, yoga, boxing, meditation, and more. From some of the top trainers in the world! Get an entire year's membership for less than the cost of 1 hour with a personal trainer.

With Care/Of, you can also build personalized daily vitamin packs with honest guidance and better ingredients.

These are especially effective when you first get an at-home lab test to help you better understand your food sensitivities, metabolism, hormone levels, and more. (This is one of the most helpful things I did this year.)

ūüć鬆Healthy Food.

Buy someone a membership to Thrive Market so they can save up to 50% on their healthy, organic, non-GMO groceries year-round. Plus, for every membership sold, Thrive donates a free membership to a family in need.

Also, check out SunBasket. Whether you're trying to eat clean, paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and more, they've got great meal kits, at affordable prices. Plus with this link, you can save $20-80 on your first four deliveries.

EveryPlate also has great meal kits for only $4.99 per meal. 

ūü§Ē¬†Knowledge and Skills.¬†

MasterClass is one of my favorite things ever! You can learn filmmaking from Martin Scorcese, Spike Lee, and Ken Burns. Photography from Annie Liebowitz. Writing from Malcolm Gladwell. Cooking from Gordon Ramsay. Comedy from Steve Martin. And much much more! (This is what I want for Hanukkah!)

If you like MasterClass, then also check out Creative Live's amazing classes on everything from photography to filmmaking, photoshop, business, money, life, and more. You can order classes a la carte, or get a full membership to access all of them. Get 60% off all their classes here. 

Finally, if you're shopping on Amazon anyway, please click here first. 


On this page, we make recommendations for things that can help you live¬†healthy¬†and make an impact…¬†Things that you are going to buy anyway.

Whenever you visit it (even for a second), Charity Miles earns a commission on just about anything you buy on Amazon within the following 24 hoursРeven if it's not something we recommended on our page. 

And it costs you nothing. No roundup. Nothing. Free for you.

So, whenever you shop on Amazon, please click this link first. 

We might have a good recommendation or a deal on something you want. But even if we don't, we'll still earn a commission on whatever you buy. (Plus, the commission is about 10x greater than Amazon Smile!)

The potential here is huge. It can generate millions of dollars per year to support our miles!  So, if you want to make an even bigger impact, please share this page with your friends!

Thank you for your support! And happy holidays!!

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