Hogwarts Running CLub Marathon #OneHRC

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The Hogwarts Running Club is spreading the love around the world while raising money for charity in one epic event they’ve dubbed the #OneHRC House Marathon! 

It’s a marathon for people of all abilites. They broke the 26.2 miles of a marathon into four events each representing one of the Hogwarts houses. Each for a different cause. They’re also encouraging members to go the extra mile and log their miles with Charity Miles for the charity of choice. Once they complete the challenge participants get this one-of-a-kind, five-piece medal,  representing each house, and a keystone to connect them all together.


via @MissMeghanCook twitter

The Gryffindor 21k will help Big Cat Rescue in Tampa build a new bobcat rehabilitation facility that minimizes human contact so these big cats can return to the wild.

The Ravenclaw 10k will help International Bird Rescue in San Francisco build a new aviary to help save birds who are the victims of oil spills and natural disasters.

The Slytherin 6k will help Friends of Scales outside of Chicago build their reptile rescue facility and provide life-saving veterinary care for injured snakes, turtles, and other reptiles.

The Hufflepuff 5k will help the Save Me Trust outside of London, England, organize three teams in Southern England to catch, vaccinate and release badgers to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis and, more importantly, stop the Badger Cull which has needlessly killed thousands of badgers.

Thanks for going on there and making Every Mile Matter.

For more info and to register here.

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