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This week’s Member Spotlight features longtime Charity Miles member Gregory Musantry! Hailing from Port Saint Lucie, Florida, Gregory has been using the Charity Miles app for over 6 years!

“I’ve been working for Verizon since 2014. Been both utilizing the mobile app and promoting it to my customers since around 2012. I was drawn to it because I've always been an advocate for giving back. Especially when it comes to helping animals. I was sifting through walking/running apps and chose it over the others. I mean why not give back for doing something you enjoy doing!”

A typical workout for Gregory involves a daily 2-6 mile walk or run with his dogs Jordan and Riley. “Animals have always been a big part of my life since childhood. Jordan and Riley are my two min pins and they are both around 7.5 years old. They’re favorite way to start the day is to go for a Jeep ride and walk at the dog park.”

When asked what he loves about the app Gregory stated, “To exercise my dogs and to give back. It allows me a one-stop shop to get and stay healthy and give back to the community. No other app makes it so simple to do so. You’re walking or running anyway, why not start the app?”

Gregory’s efforts throughout the years were recently recognized, as he received a prestigious award from his employer Verizon. “Every quarter Verizon recognizes an employee that has made an impact in their community. Whether it’s donating time or money, they believe giving back and paying it forward are actions to live by. Why not give back? It just feels right. It feels good knowing you're making an impact in other people's lives.”

“Running is my therapy. It helped me emotionally through my divorce back in 2014 and I know it is so beneficial to exercise.” In regard to charity, Gregory supports the ASPCA. His efforts have helped us to fundraise over $185,000 for the incredible organization! “I continue to spread the word about your amazing app because it just makes sense! Running is my therapy and my therapy time allows me to give back.”

Keep up the great work Gregory!

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