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We’re thrilled to be involved in the Global Moms Relay for the third year in a row! If you don’t know what the Global Moms Relay is or need a refresher here’s the skinny.

What is the Global Moms Relay? Every time you share a story from the Global Moms Relay with your social media networks,
Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to help support one of these five initiatives: Let Girls Learn, girl up, Unicef, shot@life, & Nothing but Nets.

How can you get involved? When you share your Johnson & Johnson-sponsored Charity Miles, with the Global Moms Relay blog link, you are joining the Global Moms relay and earning a dollar to support the initiative’s charities. You can share the posts directly from the blog or from our social sites.

What if I log miles for a charity, not on the list? You’re still contributing to the Global Moms Relay. As long as your miles are sponsored by J&J and you share the link after your workout, the dollar will be donated.

Why don’t I see the amount reflected on my Charity Miles account? This is a social media campaign, separate from the money you earn through Charity Miles. That’s right you earn money through logging miles and until Father’s Day by additonal by sharing! The shares get tallied by The Global Moms Relay and Johnson & Johnson, you can see the share donations growing here → (at the time this was written the ticker was at $79,594)

Who else is helping? The Global Moms Relay is made possible by the United Nations Foundation and Johnson & Johnson with support from us at Charity Miles, Global Citizen, Baby Center, and Fatherly.

You can find more info here and in this video ↓

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