George Weiner: Using the “Whole Whale” of A.I. for good

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In this episode of The Extra Mile we speak with George Weiner, the Chief Whaler of Whole Whale, a social impact digital agency. George sheds light on how non-profits can harness the potential of artificial intelligence (A.I.) to drive positive change and amplify their impact.

Topics Covered:

  1. Understanding A.I.: George breaks down the fundamentals of artificial intelligence, helping non-profits grasp its transformative capabilities.
  2. Generative A.I.: Delving deeper, we explore the concept of generative A.I., its potential, and the creative avenues it opens for non-profit organizations.
  3. Ensuring Equity and Inclusivity: Discover how non-profits can play a vital role in shaping A.I. platforms, ensuring they align with their values of equity and inclusivity.
  4. Optimizing Limited Resources: Learn how A.I. can empower non-profits to achieve more with limited staff and budgets, maximizing their efficiency and impact.
  5. Risk Awareness: George highlights the risks and potential pitfalls non-profits should be mindful of when integrating A.I. into their operations.
  6. Avoiding the “Grey Suit Problem”: Tune in to understand the significance of prompt-architecture and how it can help non-profits steer clear of the common “grey suit problem.”
  7. Introducing George shares the story behind Whole Whale's innovative, designed to assist non-profits in avoiding the “grey suit problem.”
  8. Empowering Supporters: Learn how supporters of non-profits can embrace and leverage A.I. to further their impact and involvement.

Huge thanks to George for helping us explore the potential of A.I. for non-profits and how they can propel their missions.


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