Ethan Agarwal, Founder of Aaptiv, Taking the Fitness App-World By Storm

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Ethan Agarwal, Founder of Aaptiv

Meet Ethan Agarwal, founder of Aaptiv, the audio fitness app that's taking the app world by storm.

For those that don't know, Aaptiv is the #1 on-demand audio fitness that combines the guidance of a certified expert trainer with the perfect music playlist to give you a fresh way to work out – anywhere, anytime.

With over 2,500 classes in the app and 50 new ones added weekly in a variety of categories – running, elliptical, race training, strength training, stretching – there’s a class for every interest and fitness level.

Ethan started Aaptiv from his apartment because he wanted something to help him lose the weight he gained at Wharton Business School.

He was working as a consultant at McKinsey. And since he was traveling a lot, he needed something to help him get back in shape– on the go, and on demand.

Ethan had no technological background. Nor did he have any background as a personal trainer.

Which makes Aaptiv's success even more remarkable.

I've looked at nearly all of the top health and fitness apps on the market. And I have to say that Aaptiv is one of my favorites. Ethan and his team have done a great job.

The app is beautifully designed and based on a unique insight: Nobody wants to watch a video on their phone when they're running or working out.

That's why their audio workouts make so much sense. And the workouts really are great– like having access to your own personal trainer for which you'd otherwise have to pay $150/hour.

(You get to hear a sample Aaptive workout at the end of the interview when we do one of Aaptiv's 7-minute stretching routines. I  love this stretch!)

Personally, I've been using Aaptiv for several months now. I'm turning 40 in December, and I've been trying to add strength and flexibility to my endurance. Aaptiv has been a huge part of that journey.

This is why I was so excited that they reached out to partner with us on their new Virtual 5K Program.

Called the “5K Your Way”, it's a chance to run a virtual 5K in solidarity with Aaptiv and Charity Miles members all over the world.

Register and complete the 5K for a chance to win a home gym or one of ten runner-up prize bags. (Official rules here.) Share your progress along the way with #Aaptiv5KYourWay.

Also, if you register for Aaptiv through this link, you'll get an extended 30-day FREE trial of Aaptiv so that you can see what it's all about.

Huge thanks to Aaptiv for this generosity and partnership. And huge thanks to Ethan for taking the time to run with me and share his story this morning.


P.S. The stretch we do at the end happens to be very similar to the World's Best Stretch from our friend, Chris Heuisler at Westin. Here again, is the World's Best Stretch from Chris 🙂

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