Diana Nyad: One of the World’s Greatest Swimmers Walks the Walk

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Team, two weeks ago, I had the honor of walking with Diana Nyad and her partner Bonnie Stoll in Los Angeles.

Many of you know Diana Nyad as the incredible long-distance swimmer who became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida– at the age of 64!

To say this was a “long-distance” swim is like saying that summiting Mt. Everest is a long walk.  It's a death-defying expedition.  Diana encountered sharks, deadly jellyfish, the Gulf Stream current, and more over 110.86 miles!

And now she\'s taking on a challenge that is death-defying in another sense: turning America into a nation of walkers.

She and Bonnie have co-founded a movement called EverWalk that aims to become the largest walking movement in history, where millions of people commit to getting away from their screens and into the great outdoors to walk – for mindfulness, fitness, and for fun.

As a part of this movement, Diana and Bonnie are leading morning walks in the very park where we recorded this interview, as well as more epic 7-Day walks around the country.

Next week, in fact, they will be leading a 7-Day walk around Key West, Florida– where Diana finished her Cuba Swim.  The plan is for the group to walk ten miles every morning and then to work for Habitat for Humanity every afternoon, specifically in the Big Pine Key area that was devastated by Hurricane Irma.

Of course, this is a movement that we want to support. So, wherever you are, please walk some extra miles for Habitat in solidarity with Diana. And please click here to learn more and take the EverWalk pledge!

Team, as you'll hear in this podcast, Diana is a force of nature.  I\'m very grateful to her and Bonnie for walking with me.  And I hope you'll all enjoy this conversation as much as I did!


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