Decoding Gels, Chews, and Sports Drinks. Your Guide to During Race Nutrition

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Are you fatigued after your hot summer runs? Are you running
futher or faster then you ever have? Training for a half or full marathon? It
may be time to start exploring during race nutrition.

During race nutrition is “food” that you take in while you
are running. Yes, you heard that right you need to eat while you run. Why? you
may ask, good question.

When you run, you sweat. Sweating is essential to keep your
body cool. When your body gets warm and start sweating the logical thing is
to drink water. Drinking water is important, however when you sweat you don’t
just lose water you lose electrolytes, and burn calories.

There is an endless list of products you can use to replenish your body.
We’ve broken down the most popular.

Gels- Gels are
small packs filled with tooth paste consistency gel-like stuff.  Each gel brand and flavor has a different
concentration of electrolytes, sugar,
and caffeine. For first time gel takers we recommend peanut butter by GU brand.
Reason being it’s a flavor and consistency that goes together.


 Pros– Variety of flavors Salted Watermelon to Root Beer.  Avaliable in various caffeinated or electrolyte
levels. There are organic, vegan, and kosher options.

Cons– The texture can be difficult for some people. Can be messy.

Chews– Chews are
gummies on steroids. These chews have the same benefits as the gels in gummy
form. Honey Stinger, Clif, and GU make some of the most popular chews.

 Pros– They taste like candy. You can eat half of one at a

 Cons– Are large, can
be hard to carry. Chewing and running can be difficult for some.

Sports Drink– You’ve all seen the famous drink in the orange coolers at the sidelines of every football game. Sports drinks like Gatorade aren’t just for professional athletes. You
can kill two birds with one stone by drinking a sports drink. You will get your
water and electrolytes in the same bottle.

 Pro– Lots of different flavors and brands to choose from.
They come in powder and tabs. Drinks are very easy to take down just like

Cons– You have to carry a large amount on you. You must have
water to dissolve it in. A lot of liquid can upset your stomach over time.

Try one or try them all. Just practice with them before race day you don’t want GI issues to de-rail you from your goal.

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