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Colonel Tim Nye: Am I Compassionate Enough?

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Team, when I was in Squaw Valley for the Spartan World Championships, I had the distinct honor of meeting Colonel Tim Nye, Spartan's liaison with the military community.

Colonel Nye served over 32 years of combined service in the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army. Over the course of his career, Colonel Nye completed tours and deployments in Panama (1989), Bosnia (1995), Iraq (2003), Afghanistan (2004 and 2009), Yemen (2000), the Republic of Georgia (2002) and several undisclosed locations.  He served in the 75th Ranger Regiment, 7th Special Forces Group, Joint Special Operations Command, US Army Special Operations Command, and the US Special Operations Command (twice).

Colonel Nye helped develop the first Spartan Race on a military base and he's now the lead liaison between Spartan and the military community.  He shares a lot of hard-won insight about grit.  But I was even more moved by his insight on compassion.

I'm very grateful that Colonel Nye took the time to walk with us.  I hope you all enjoy this walk as much as I did.  Every Mile Matters!

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