Chris Heuisler, Westin’s Global Run Concierge: Let’s Rise!

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Gene and Chris Heuisler

In celebration of Global Running Day, and our exciting new partnership with Westin Hotels & Resorts, I'm thrilled to share this podcast that I recorded with Westin's Global Run Concierge, Chris Heuisler.

Wait, what's a Run Concierge? Well, just picture a regular concierge at a hotel that can give you recommendations on where to eat, or what to do while in town.  Well, that's what a Run Concierge does– but to help you stay active and healthy while traveling.

Do all hotels have a Run Concierge?  Nope.  Just Westin.  That's how committed they are to health and well-being.  And that's why we are so thrilled to be partnering with them.

As you know, we seek to partner with mission-driven companies that want to help us all live healthy and make an impact.  Westin is the perfect example of this. They are absolutely the hospitality industry's leader in well-being.  And, beyond the hospitality industry, they are helping to blaze a trail for how all companies should think about their commitment to health.

I've gotten to know Chris over the years, seeing him at marathons all over the country. As you'll hear in this podcast, is a genuine article, very much woven into the running community. (Though he was visiting NYC from Boston, we were hardly running 10 minutes before he started seeing friends like Dr. Jordan Metzl and Mike Cassidy.)

He also has a lot of great tips that we'll be sharing throughout the rest of the year. Here's one: The World's Greatest Stretch.

Personally, I want to especially thank Chris– not just for recording this podcast with me, but for being instrumental in helping us forge this partnership with Westin.  Chris and I planted the seeds for this partnership over two years ago at a Rock N' Roll Marathon expo.  Thank you, Chris, for helping to make it a reality!

#LetsRise #EveryMileMatters

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