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Today the United States House of Representatives passed the Global Anti-Poaching Act, which aims to “support global anti-poaching efforts, strengthen the capacity of partner countries to counter wildlife trafficking, and designate major wildlife trafficking countries.”

One interesting correlation that the legislation made is that gangs involved in drugs and weapons smuggling are also involved in poaching and wildlife trafficking. These are illegal activities “making it a liable offense for money laundering and racketeering.”

This act will help bring resources to areas that are most affected. Ginette Hemley, Senior Vice President of Wildlife Conservation at World Wildlife Fund (WWF), said in a statement “Critically, it raises the stakes for wildlife criminals under US law. Wildlife crime has traditionally been extremely high profit and very low risk. By officially designating wildlife trafficking as a serious crime, the risk may finally outweigh the potential reward. This could be a real game changer for the conservation of elephants, rhinos, and countless species illegally killed and traded around the world.”

You can help the WWF’s mission this holiday season by symbolically adopting an animal.  Adopt an African Black Rhino, Great White Shark, Tiger, Sea Turtle, and many more animals. Depending on the gift you choose, your loved one will receive, a photo, adoption certificate, species card, gift bag, and even a plush toy! Make this holiday season meaningful and memorable.

In addition to symbolically adopting an animal, you can earn money for your organization by logging into @charitymiles.

According to the website, “Your donation will be used in general support of WWF’s efforts around the world. 84 percent of WWF’s spending is directed to worldwide conservation activities. WWF receives high charity ratings from Charity Navigator.”

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