Charity Spotlight: VisionSpring

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VisionSpring’s mission is to ensure that equitable and affordable eyeglasses are available to every individual, so they can live a productive life. Every day people are struggling to make a living because they can’t afford a pair of glasses. Young people are missing out on the opportunity to learn in school because they can’t see clearly.

VisionSpring wants to change all of that. They are delivering affordable eyeglasses to the people who need them most. The glasses have led to a 35% increase in productivity, and 20% increase in income. In school, children's glasses have increased learning by 25%-35%. It’s truly amazing what a pair of glasses can do. Since its conception, VisionSping has created 100s of millions of dollars, of economic impact, and isn’t stopping there.

You can help people SEE their potential by logging your miles for VisionSpring. Remember Every Mile Matters.

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