Charity Miles Pokémon Go Challenge

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We’ve seen it in the park…the sidewalks…the gyms (or Pokegyms!) ..and now it’s invaded Charity Miles HQ. The best part: everyone is out there and moving…even if they’re staring at their phones, all playing Pokémon Go 😉

Why not catch ‘em all for your favorite cause?

Join our Charity Miles Pokémon Go Challenge!

Charity Miles Pokémon Go Challenge
1) While you’re out hunting Pokémon, log Charity Miles.
2) Screenshot any Pokémon you spot (or anytime!) you’re playing Pokémon Go!
3) Upload your screen-shot in Charity Miles
4) Share a post from Charity Miles to social media letting us know you played Pokémon Go for a cause!!


We’ll be giving out 5 t-shirts to some of our favorite posts. Now get out there and catch those Charmanders and Jigglypuffs.

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