Charity Miles New Member: Ken Bereski II.

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We have new people joining our community every day. As a new Charity Miles Member you’re welcomed with an email that asks one question, why did you join Charity Miles? We’re excited to finally be sharing stories of the new members of our community.

Our first is Ken Bereski II, a Boston Marathoner who has a love of running and his hometown Boston, why don’t we just let him tell you …


Every runner has a why. Something that inspires us to get out there and run.  Running made me feel good, and kept me in shape. I had just rediscovered running and felt great about it.

Then everything changed on a fateful day three years ago. I was 100 feet away, attempting to take a selfie at the Boston Marathon finish line on 4/15/13. (You can see a full recount of my experience here <>) . It took me a year and a half to overcome the psychological challenges that created. But when I did, I found my why: I run for Sean, Krystle, Lingzi, and Martin (three victims of the Boston Marathon bombings).

I joined Charity Miles because I run not just for myself, but to do what I can to make the world a better place. After my Boston experience I swore I’d make something positive out of it. I have a vision <> now I just need to find ways to make it happen.

Fundraising through running – it's good for everyone. Charity Miles takes a unique and awesome approach to raising money for charity. I’ll be running this Boston Marathon for Girls on the Run. I’ve experienced the empowerment and transformation running creates personally, and love the idea behind GotR – sharing that strength with young girls, and transforming their whole lives as a result.  For any of us to make a positive impact on the world, we have to take care of our own basic physical and psychological needs first, and GOTR does just that for the girls involved.

Welcome to our community Ken! Have you joined Charity Miles in the last two months? Are you coming back after not using the app for a while? We want to feature you as a Charity Miles New Member. Just email Tell us why you joined Charity Miles and what cause you support.

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