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Charity Miles Champion: Roni Belcheva

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Here at Charity Miles, we’re all about community. Seriously, our community rocks like Elvis and
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Earlier this summer, we caught up with Every Mother Counts Ambassador and Charity Miles Champion, Roni Belcheva. Roni’s story on why she runs, how she found out about Charity Miles, why she got involved with Every Mother Counts and the importance of health and family is touching. Roni is a Supermom that puts her health and family first all while using her passion for long-distance running to support Every Mother Counts.

Charity Miles (CM): Why do you run?

Roni Belcheva (RB): In short it’s my meditation, it’s my ZEN. It takes me away from every point of life in itself. It’s my time. I can go wherever, whichever distance I want to go, and however fast or slow I want to go. And don’t have to deal with anyone telling me what to do or how to do it. It gives me that freedom especially in the concrete jungle of NYC away from just daily life just to be free. And when I’m done I just feel more centered. In return makes me a better mother and wife.

When you run, well with me anyway, I just get lost in my thoughts. You may call it the zone, that may be why I usually have run alone until just having my son, Becks. I get lost in just a fog, or runners high as the distance is what I love and that’s far distance. As I’ve conquered many marathons, two 60Ks, and soon my first 50 Miler in November, the JFK 50 Mile.

I’m Excited!

I guess in short I run because I can. I can benefit others through my runs. But I also can teach others life doesn’t end when you become a Mom. You can become better and stronger. With my newly launched website,, I’ll be sharing my 16-week training for the JFK 50 MILE Ultra. It will follow my love, my life, and my running diaries of trying to become the best I can be and still function in daily life.

CM: When did you start using Charity Miles?

RB: I must start off by saying when I discovered the Charity Miles App through social media I was so disappointed that it had taken me so long to have found you. I thought of all my runs in the past which would have had value. “I am so happy to have found you.” Now my runs can be of help to another. Not only will they benefit me in my training but I get to be sponsored by so many and help out a cause so dear to my heart, Every Mother Counts. And to all the sponsors that have gone with me on every run. Thank you, it’s so worth it!

Charity Miles and I have been dating for the last I would say 6 months now, ha, ha! Not so very long but so impactful with where my life mission is now. That is to bring awareness of Maternal Health. I’m a giver, not a fighter. I’m a soul that loves to give. With every penny or dollar given it can help one mom in childbirth and that’s all I care about. A little brings back a whole lot!

Charity Miles, you’re with me for the long haul. My very competitive run, you’ll be right in my pocket.

CM: What inspired you to become an Every Mother Counts Running Ambassador?

RB: There is nothing more tender than the life of a child. But during my pregnancy, I realized as a mother we are deeply so delicate growing this beautiful being inside our soul. Pregnancies have never been easy for me. But I was lucky enough to have access to great doctors and support in my community. However, in so many other parts of our world, and here in our very own backyard, we are losing mothers and babies to maternal health issues. For myself, this has inspired me to make the life decision in bringing awareness that change is possible and that big results come from small acts.

CM: How did I discover Every Mother Counts?

RB: Well I love to research. You can call me 007 and I use social media and follow Ultra Runner athlete Scott Jurek who is an amazing athlete. On his Twitter page, he mentioned Every Mother Counts in Tanzania and I was blown away and did some more research and I knew I wanted to help.

A few months later after contacting Kristen Kirkland from the Every Mother Counts team, I received the opportunity to become a Running Ambassador for their NYC team. This is what has brought me to the now. I am thrilled to have the privilege of doing all I can by providing them with teams, training/coaching, fundraising, and bringing awareness to Maternal Health. The story will continue through my life and my runs. But for now please help make the change! Every Mile Every Mother. We as individuals can do more than we know.

CM: Has running taught you any lessons that you can apply to life?

RB: Why don’t we say everything. Running you have your ups and down. You feel good, you don’t feel good; expressions like “I hate you running and I love you running”, can play in your mind. Can we separate, can we stay together, can we run far, can we stay close?

Isn’t that life?

You have to train and build yourself as a better being to know what is good for you or what is bad. My motto for life is, “Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.” I’ve kept this motto with me since my divorce from my first husband. Life can take you on a path you completely did not see yourself going but it’s about appreciating every moment that has been given to you. Speaking of life lessons, if it weren’t for my oldest sister, Ruth, I probably wouldn’t be into running. Ruth took me to my first marathon when I was only about 7 or 8 years old to see Alberto Salazar cross the finish line. I still remember the crowds, the excitement, literally as if it were yesterday.

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