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Charity Miles Champion: Kirstie Gabbert

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Charity Miles Champion Kirstie Gabbert is joining the fight to end food insecurity. Not only that she’s bringing sixty of her friends and family along with her.

I started the group #365CharityMiles on Facebook, to put a true purpose to all of the miles I was logging. A huge motivation was watching a documentary about food insecurity in the United States while participating in the Tone It Up #charitychallenge last fall. During that challenge, I ran to support Autism Speaks, and realized I couldn’t justify choosing only one charity to support. I learned that there were many other issues in the world that needed to be addressed.

Then and there I decided to choose a different charity for each month in 2016 to donate my miles to. Some organizations are a celebration of a friend’s birthday month, others for a holiday, or a seasonally appropriate cause. 

I participated in about 5-6 races last year and realized that a lot of them haven’t disclosed how much they’re donating to the benefiting charity. I wanted to make sure the money I invested in a race goes to those organizations. I can ensure this by using the Charity Miles app to log my runs. 

In addition, I encourage my friends to join me. I also suggest a donation based on what my miles each month added up to with Charity Miles! The group is currently 60 of my friends and family, but would love to open up to anyone interested in joining!

To be featured on our blog or if you’re interested in joining Kirstie’s team please email and she will connect you.

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