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Charity Miles Champion: Kaylin Moser

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This week’s @charitymiles Champion is Tone It Up Team Member Kaylin Moser. Kaylin is an avid triathlete who runs, walks, and bikes in memory of her grandfather.

Who I am and where it all began:

Hello! My name is Kaylin, A Tone it Up (TIU) team member, “turtle triathlete”, and Charity Miles logger. It’s difficult for me to pinpoint where my fitness adventure began. I’ve spent about half of my life searching for that one sport to feel passionate about. I had a tough time sticking to a routine, so I knew I had to get involved with something that was always changing. A turning point for me came two years ago. 

I signed up for my first triathlon and, shortly after found the Tone it Up (TIU) community. Triathlon gave me the opportunity to challenge myself beyond just the repetitive motions of running. Just when I started to get tired of one sport, I could switch to the next!

TIU is an online fitness community founded by coaches Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. They provide a weekly workout schedule and a connection with a group of like-minded individuals. We all check in with each other via social media. With TIU, I found a support system to hold me accountable for workouts and introduced me to new fitness routines. TIU also hosts an annual Fall Fitness Challenge. This Fall each team member will run at least 100 miles with Charity Miles App!  

 Before I joined the team I heard of people getting addicted to exercise – and always thought they were wacko – but I found that it was finally happening for me. I craved those endorphins and looked forward to waking up and tackling a new workout each morning.

Flash forward two years and four triathlons, I’m STILL going- I wake up without an alarm, ready to get my heart beating, six seven days a week. I’m now training for my first Olympic triathlon. I love having my TIU sisters and Charity Miles with me every step of the way.


Why Triathalon?

A huge motivator in my life is my husband.  When my husband started running a few years ago I was inspired to try it too, but it was a struggle. Between the knee injuries and self-doubt, I found it difficult to amount to anything beyond a 5k.  

Now we train for triathlons together. It’s been a great adventure to share with my husband. Many of our “dates” consist of early morning coffee and runs or long bike rides in the sunshine. We challenge and inspire each other every day. While 

I still struggle with the speed, but I know my heart can endure. I look forward to taking on greater distances with my favorite training partner for years to come.


My Charity Miles Story

 I was introduced to Charity Miles over a year ago. I thought it was one of the best apps to ever be developed. I couldn’t believe the contribution I could make just by turning on my phone and hitting the pavement. Charity Miles gives my workouts purpose and running/biking those miles isn’t just for me anymore. 

When I run I’ll usually log miles for The Alzheimer’s Association, in memory of my Grandpa. He suffered from dementia when I was in high school. Watching a family member slowly forget who they are and the people they love is one of the most heartbreaking experiences. I feel grateful knowing that my miles can support the research to help put an end to this tragic disease. To date, I’ve logged over 700 miles and I’m aiming for 1,000 by my triathlon on December 5th.  

Thank you, Charity Miles, for that extra driving force that gets me moving daily.  End ALZ!

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