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This week’s Charity Miles Champion is Hailey. Hailey is a fitness facility manager who runs for fun. She uses Charity Miles as a motivation to give back and have friendly competition with her cousin. Consider making a family team inside of the app.

I started my fitness journey buy borrowing my mom’s Tae Bo videos. On my 16th birthday I got my first gym member ship. Now, I not only still love working-out, but I manage a fitness center! I have a goal of staying healthy and active through out my life.

I struggled with running. I didn’t think of myself as a runner. I didn’t like to categorize myself with others who ran and were, quite
frankly, better at it than me. I made
my first lofty goal of doing 100 miles in a month. That’s roughly a 5k a day.

Around the same time I read in a
health magazine about the app Charity Miles. My first thought was that it was ingenious
that I could log my miles AND have it donate money to help someone else at the
same time. That got me thinking!! The more I used the app the more I fell
in love with it and what it does. It changed my focus from making myself into
being a “runner” to making a difference.

forward to today; Charity Miles has become integrated into my everyday life. I
use it as a way to stay in touch with my cousin Caleb who I am very close with
and who lives out of town. We use the hashtag #mckenziecousins as a way to
compete with each other and collectively we are a few miles shy of two THOUSAND
miles!!  We still try to keep the goal of
logging 100 miles a month. I enjoy running solo at my own pace in
our parks, especially during fall. It is my favorite time of the year!!

charities that I choose to log miles for are the Wounded
Warrior Project and Stand Up to Cancer. I
think the work they do is amazing. Plus it’s fun to contribute to something that helps our Vets
and in solidarity with people who are fighting cancer.

If I could encourage
anyone to do anything it would be to use Charity Miles. It
doesn’t matter how big or how small. Just have fun with it! You’ll find so much
out about yourself if you are willing to help others.  It doesn’t have
to be an all or nothing venture to be significant. Small things CAN have a big
impact and doing a little can make all the difference!

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