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Charity Miles Champion: Alexis Lai

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This week’s Charity Miles Member story is from Alexis Lai. He was inspired to make an impact when he saw Every Mother Counts founder Christy Turlington Burns at the Apple Watch release. He committed himself to run 12 races in 12 months all while logging Charity Miles.

I was always an athletic guy, I am pretty good in most sports but I am not great at any one sport. I worked for over 10 years at Nike before moving over to Apple last year. When I transitioned, that was when I was introduced to Every Mother Counts. Christy Turlington Burns (EMC’s Founder)  was promoting the release of the Apple watch.

Ever since I have been searching for my purpose in life. At the end of year term with Nike, I realized I made an impact on my athletes (associates) and I wanted to continue to make a bigger impact on the world. 

I came across Charity Miles through Kara Goucher’s Instagram promoting EMC. I did my first workout and I haven’t stopped. I started my campaign to raise awareness of the world around us and how fortunate we are to have access to things we are passionate about.

I decided to use my passion for running to make an impact. That was when I decided to run 12 half marathons in 12 months. Running half marathons can become challenging, but when I am running low on fuel, I remind myself I am logging miles for charity. I know how fortunate I am to be able to run at the same time helping others. That alone is what gets me through races.

Thank you Charity Miles for helping me make every mile matter.

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