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We are excited to announce an extension of our blog called #CharityMilesAdventurers. We feel incredibly fortunate to have members all over the world challenging themselves to astonishing lengths, and supporting causes they love through our app. Soon we will begin regularly sharing these stories and the people behind them. Stay tuned!


: This image is from Laura Fideo who recently returned from Morocco after trekking 84km of the Sahara desert over 6 days to support cancer research, and brought Charity Miles along. Thank you, Laura, you are inspiring #CharityMiles #movewithpurpose #everymilematters

You’ll be able to follow our Charity Miles Adventurers here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Instagram. Are you planning on going on an epic adventure with Charity Miles? We want to feature you. Please send an email to and cc:, be sure to include your name and event date.

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