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Charity Miles Adventurers: Marissa Howard

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Charity Miles Adventurer Marissa Howard is hiking the Appalachian trail, unsupported and raising money for Alzheimer's Association by using Charity Miles! She started her journey on May 10th and is now well over 100 miles in. See how this amazing woman prepped and started her journey.

We’ll be updating you as she adventures from Georgia to Maine, all for a cause.


The main categories for my gear are:

Clothes – A set of hiking clothes and a set of camp clothes. Including camp shoes.

Sleep system – Sleeping mat, sleeping bag, and a tent.

Kitchen – Stove (MSR Microrocket), fuel, 1 pot/bowl/cup, 1 pan, spork, lighter, water purification (Sawyer Squeeze mini and Lifestraw bottle), and a bear bag.

Hygiene – Biodegradable multipurpose soap, Chapstick, sunblock, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, wet wipes, Ziploc bags for soiled wipes, body glide (anti-chaffing), trowel to dig cat holes, pStyle, and insect repellent.

Other – Guidebook (taking this instead of a map), first aid kit, knife, SPOT (family compromise), headlamp, extra batteries, trekking poles.


Just sending an update. Everything is going really well. I’m in NC now and should hit 100 tomorrow! Meeting a lot of wonderful people. My miles have not been as high as I was hoping but I’ve been averaging about 13 miles a day. Some 16-mile days some 10-mile days. The temperature got down to 35 last night and is supposed to be below freezing tonight. I have been using the app in airplane mode and checking it every so often. I’m excited to see where this adventure will take me.


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