Charity Miles Adventurers: Kate Leeming

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Have you seen our latest community series Charity Miles Adventurers?! You can follow the stories of Charity Miles members who are going on adventures for a cause; running across the country barefoot for veterans, biking up the coasts of states to find a cure for cancer, even running marathons all around the world for women, you get the gist.

The adventurer's stories will be told on our Instagram and blog. Follow our Charity Miles Adventurers as they train, go through, and complete their adventure.

Our first Charity Miles Adventurer was Laura Fideo. She and a group of friends did a Saharan Trek with Charity Miles for cancer research. Check out her story on our Instagram.

We’re very excited about the next adventurer Kate Leeming. Kate is an adventurer in every sense of the word. She has cycled a distance equivalent to the distance twice around the world at the Equator. She completed a Trans-Siberian Cycle in 1993 and cycled across Africa in 2010. Now she is taking on her biggest challenge yet. In Breaking the Cycle South Pole, Kate will attempt to be the first person to cycle across the Antarctic continent via the South Pole!

Visit our Instagram today to see what she’s doing today in Greenland to prepare for Breaking the Cycle South Pole. Kate is not only using Charity Miles as she rides, but she’s also raising funds and awareness for (Red)! (Details on her EPIC bike coming soon)

As icing on the cake if you join her team, @BreakingtheCycle in Charity Miles and log miles you’ll be entered in a chance to win one of 10 of her books, NIJINGA, She’ll be giving away the book as she trains for and attempts her Antarctic expedition.“

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