Charity Miles Adventurers: Jennifer Lecorchick

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Charity Miles Ambassador and Adventurer Jennifer Lecorchick rode a 50-mile bike race with Charity Miles!

Hincape Gran Fondo – Greenville, SC
The race began at 9 am with a temperature of 43* (beginning) and 53* (end)
The Medio route (50 miles) was an intermediate ride through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with 1500 feet of climbing and some amazing views.  The ride began in South Carolina, just outside of Greenville, and ventured into North Carolina before returning to the starting line in SC.


My cycling training began in May of this year with the original goal of completing my first triathlon. Little did I know how much I would fall in love with my bike?

Once I completed my triathlon, adjustments were made to my training program to help prepare for the rigors of the Hincape ride. Longer training rides and hill work took over my training plan.

This 50-mile ride was amazing and cannot wait to do it again!  Throughout my training, I cycled for several different charities: Pencils of Promise, Habitat for Humanity, ASPCA, and Girls on the Run.  I’m always amazed at how quickly the miles accumulate while on my bike and thankful that I am helping others while doing something that I love! Especially with great friends!


Route Stats: DISTANCE: 50 MICLIMBS: 2  Climb #1: Salude Grande Climb #2: Callahan MountainRESTSTOPS: 3CLIMBING ELEVATION: 2641ft DESCENDING ELEVATION: -2740ft

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