Charity Miles Adventurer Marissa Howard

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Marissa Howard has completed over half of the Adirondack Trail (AT)! Check out her latest update.

Made it halfway! My plans have changed a bit and I’m now going to do what is called a flip-flop. After hitting the halfway point in Harper’s Ferry, WV a couple of hiking partners and I decided that we want to finish our journey Southbound. 

Over the next few days, we will all be traveling to Maine in order to hike the remaining half of the trail south which would make our endpoint Harper’s Ferry. A lot of reasons behind this but the biggest one is weather concerns for the north. Snow is a possibility on the AT at pretty much anytime (it snowed in GA in the middle of May) but Maine can get some real nasty weather which would force us to wait for it to pass before we pushed on. 

By doing the flip flop we are significantly reducing our risk of getting caught in or postponed by inclement weather. 

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