#CarrytheBaton for Baton Rouge

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Just one month ago torrential rains left much of southern Louisiana devastated and under water. An unfathomable 6.9 trillion gallons of water pummeled the area in a matter of days leaving $8.7 billion in damages in its wake. By now you have likely seen images of the Baton Rouge community in the process of picking up the pieces.

To most of us, a whole month feels like a long time, but for the residents of Baton Rouge, this month has been the beginning of a long road to recovery. The flood water has receded, leaving water-logged homes, schools, businesses, and community centers in its wake.  Thousands of Louisiana residents have been evacuated and without a roof over their heads, many are relying solely on local charitable organizations for refuge and especially for sustenance. Unfortunately, following the flooding even these organizations are feeling the impact of food insecurity in the region.

Two weeks ago our sponsor @Humana launched the #CarryTheBaton campaign to provide support to those local charities. In that time the Charity Miles community has shown tremendous support for those in Baton Rouge by moving for Feeding America! 6,806 virtual 5ks have been completed resulting in a $6,806  donation to local charity partners.

You still have time to do your part in helping us reach our goal of 10,000 5ks for the Baton Rouge relief efforts. Please join us by selecting Feeding America as your charity partner and walking, biking, or running a distance equal to 5k by September 30.  For each 5k up to our goal of 10,000, Humana will donate $1 to the local charity partners that are contributing to the Baton Rouge relief efforts. Move with us to make a positive impact on the community of Baton Rouge!

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